Mandelic Acid Peel Treatment

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Acid Peels are the most effective way to rejuvenate your skin. However, people are understandably hesitant about applying a natural acid to their skin. A mandelic acid peel is one of the mildest and least corrosive of acid peels and this makes it the perfect choice for your first acid peel treatment.

Like all alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) peels mandelic acid works to remove the top layer of dead or damaged skin allowing new and healthy skin to grow in its place. By accelerating the skin reproduction process these chemical peels can treat a range of different skin conditions while generally rejuvenating the skin.

The difference with mandelic acid peels is that molecules of this acid are larger than molecules of the other alpha hydroxy acids that are used in other chemical peel treatments. This means the molecules are less penetrating and thus less irritating for the skin. This makes it the perfect choice for your first chemical peel treatment.

The larger molecules make the treatment safer for people with sensitive skin types, people with rosacea and for people with darker skin tones.

Chemical peels work faster than standard AHA lotion treatments and are exceptionally good at treating stubborn skin conditions like acne.

How Does it Work?

Alpha hydroxy acid treatments work by utilizing the corrosive properties of natural acids. These acids are extracted from fruit, sugar and sour milk. They gently dissolve the ‘glue’ like substance that binds skin cells together. Once the ‘glue’ has been dissolved the dead skin cells of the epidermis are free to fall away from the skin. This leaves new and healthy skin to develop in its place.

These powerful exfoliants accelerate the skin reproduction process. The older we get the slower this process becomes and that is why our skin ages as we age, eventually forming fine lines and wrinkles.

The treatments also encourage the body to produce collagen and elastin which makes the skin softer, firmer and more even.

The skin can handle one peel treatment per week. You can apply the peel weekly until you are happy with results that the treatment has provided.

What Will the Treatment Provide?

  • Even Skin Tone
  • Will Fade Dark Marks
  • Suppress Skin Pigmentation
  • Treat Inflammatory Acne
  • Treat Blackheads
  • Rejuvenate Healthy Skin
  • Reverse and Prevent the Signs of Aging
  • Diminish the Visibility of Fine Lines and Wrinkles

Who Can Benefit From the Treatment?

If you suffer from any of the skin conditions or problems mentioned above you could benefit from mandelic acid peel treatments. Many people who have become disillusioned by the poor results of standard, less powerful moisturizers and exfoliants see much better results once they have undergone a series of chemical peel treatments.

Treat Acne with Mandelic Acid Peels

The antibacterial properties of these acids make them very effective at treating mild and moderate acne. One of the main causes of acne is a slow skin reproduction process, this allows time for bacteria to multiply in the skin which clogs the pores and causes acne.

Chemical peels will quicken the skin reproduction process stopping bacteria from clogging the pores.

When Will You See Results?

mandelic acid peelThe results of the treatment depend on the condition you are trying to treat and its severity. If you are simply looking to rejuvenate otherwise healthy skin, you will see the results one week after your first chemical peel.

If you are looking to treat acne and stubborn blackheads it may take up 6 to 8 peels over a period of 6 – 8 weeks before the acne and blackheads have disappeared.

Mandelic Acid Peel Reviews

Many over the counter moisturizing and exfoliating products leave users disappointed with the results. These products are often simply not powerful enough to treat the conditions of the user.

The plethora of positive reviews posted online show that mandelic acid peels are an effective and fast working skin rejuvenation treatment. The peels will provide positive results for people who suffer from stubborn skin conditions like acne or for people who are looking to reverse the signs of aging.

Alpha hydroxy acid treatments are a powerful skin exfoliant that don’t require a prescription from a doctor.